Here are the latest Blog Posts by Elegant Themes Related to Divi for the Month of April 2019. We will be talking about these blogs as well as an other updates related to the Divi Theme at out next meetup in May! Bring your laptops as we are a hands on group and want to try out any new tricks or updates that we can within Divi. 

We know the articles are all posted on the Elegant Themes blog… but we thought we would simplify your life and have them broken down into bite sized pieces for easy digestion. If you would like this condensed version of Divi Related material sent to you in an e-mail , please join our e-mail list. Emails go out in the beginning of the month. 


Here are April’s topics! 

How to Add a Scroll Down Hover Effect to Preview Web Page Designs in Divi

Creative Interactive Blurb Modules Using Divi’s Transform & Hover Options

Creative Interactive Blurb Modules Using Divi’s Transform & Hover Options

Using Divider Modules to Create Background Shapes with Divi’s Transform Options

Creating a Diagonal Design Structure with Divi’s Transform Options (Free Download!)

Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Monk

How to Use Transform Options to Design Unique Section Divider Backgrounds in Divi

How to Create Unique Designs Using Before and After Pseudo Elements in Divi

Divi Plugin Highlight: Ultimate Divi Builder Addons

Introducing The New Draggable Sizing And Spacing Controls For Divi

How to Create Overlapping Animations on Delay with Divi

How to Create Floating Corner Designs for Content in Divi

Divi Plugin Highlight: Simple Overlay Solution

Decorating Your Page with Transforming Shapes on Hover with Divi

How to Animate Letters for Unique Text Designs in Divi

Download a FREE Timeline Section Made with Divi’s Transform Options

How to Create a Swipe Menu Bar for Your Website with Divi

How to Share and Style Code Snippets in Divi (3 Methods)

Using Divi’s Transform Options to Create Expanding Section Content on Hover

Divi Design Showcase: New Submissions from April 2019

Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Upload Icons

How to Create Curved Text Designs in Divi

12 Divi Child Themes for Health Care Professionals

How to Create Animated Border Overlaps to Highlight Content with Divi

Divi Meetup Network Community Update: April 2019

How to use Perspective with Transform Options to Design 3D Photo Walls in Divi

How to Create a Family Tree with Divi’s Transform Settings

How to Design a Scrollable Recent Posts Widget Area in Divi

A Helpful Guide for Designing Circular Elements in Divi


Since we are an all stages group, all experience, some experience or no experience are welcome. We will introduce ourselves and then talk about the latest Divi Updates. We then open it up for anyone who has any questions. We hope to see you soon at an upcoming Divi event!

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