Here are the latest Blog Posts by Elegant Themes Related to Divi for the Month of February 2019. We will be talking about these blogs as well as an other updates related to the Divi Theme at out next meetup in March! Bring your laptops as we are a hands on group and want to try out any new tricks or updates that we can within Divi. 

We know the articles are all posted on the Elegant Themes blog… but we thought we would simplify your life and have them broken down into bite sized pieces for easy digestion. If you would like this condensed version of Divi Related material sent to you in an e-mail , please join our e-mail list. Emails go out in the beginning of the month. 


Here are February’s topics! 

How to Creatively Use Divi’s Toggle Module to Showcase Pricing Plans

The 10 Best Divi eCommerce Child Themes

How to Make Hidden Row Content Appear on Hover with Divi (Free Download!)

How to Add Simple Stripe Payment Buttons to Your Pricing Tables in Divi

How to Customize Your Divi Slider to Change Specific Elements with Each Slide

How to Create Fixed Mobile Footer Bars with Divi

20 Examples of Divi eCommerce Websites

How to Showcase Features in Hover Tabs with Divi

How to Create Flip Cards with Any Module in Divi Without a Plugin

Using Hover Text Shadows to Create Interactive Content with Divi

Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Carousel Module

How to Reveal Column Content on Hover with Divi (Free Download!)

How to Create an Image Gallery that Changes from Black-and-White to Color with Divi’s Gallery Module

6 Microinteractions That Will Make Your Divi Site More Enjoyable (Tutorial + Free Download)

Changing the Number of Columns in the Divi Gallery Module at Different Breakpoints

How to Create Mobile-First Designs with Divi

Using the Divi Gallery Module to Create an Image Gallery with Custom Spacing

7 Tips for Using Divi Quick Actions when Building a Website

6 Unique Border Designs for your Divi Gallery Module Images

6 Unique Border Designs for your Divi Gallery Module Images

How to Beautifully Showcase Services on Mobile Devices with Divi (Free Download!)

Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Product Carousel Module

Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Product Carousel Module

Since we are an all stages group, all experience, some experience or no experience are welcome. We will introduce ourselves and then talk about the latest Divi Updates. We then open it up for anyone who has any questions. We hope to see you soon at an upcoming Divi event!

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