Kimberly Hughes




A minimalist with everything but purses, Divi fits right into my lifestyle and mindset—simple and straightforward with a lot of built-in creativity.

My Divi Society Milwaukee Meetup Co-host, Tracy Champagne, knows how grateful I am that she introduced me to Divi, but I wanted to tell her one more time, “Thank you!!”

Working with WordPress and, ultimately, Divi flowed out of my primary interests: publishing newsletters, writing feature stories, creating social media content and editing. I get to do all this fun stuff as the business owner of What’s most gratifying, however, is using my skill set, including Divi experience, to grow a community of resources for other small businesses.

Here’s a wee bit more about me:

  • Wordsmith
  • Online Content Curator
  • Small Business Storyteller
  • Constant Contact Certified Partner

And you might as well hear this from me, too: I have a habit of listening and there’s no telling where my curiosity will lead.




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