Here are the latest Blog Posts by Elegant Themes Related to Divi for the Month of July 2019. We will be talking about these blogs as well as an other updates related to the Divi Theme at out next meetup in August! Bring your laptops as we are a hands on group and want to try out any new tricks or updates that we can within Divi. 

We know the articles are all posted on the Elegant Themes blog… but we thought we would simplify your life and have them broken down into bite sized pieces for easy digestion. If you would like this condensed version of Divi Related material sent to you in an e-mail , please join our e-mail list. Emails go out in the beginning of the month. 


Here are July’s topics! 

How to Create a Blurb Menu on Hover/Click for Your Page with Divi
How to Design Unique Multi-Column Hero Sections with Divi’s Specialty Section
How to Recreate ET’s Layout Pack Previews with Fan-Out Hover Effects in Divi
The Ultimate Guide to Speeding Up Your Divi Website
How to Stagger Divi Columns and Modules for Unique Broken Grid Designs
How to Create a 4-Corner Fixed Navigation with Divi
Divi Plugin Highlight: Divi Mask
How to Creatively Use Divi’s Row Borders to Create a Stunning Hero Section Design
How to Create a Fixed Contact Form Corner Popup with Divi’s Sizing Options
How to Create a 3-Step Blurb Reveal on Hover with Divi
Divi Child Themes for Entertainment Websites
How to Create Beautiful Gradient Background Hover Transitions with Divi
Manage The Design Of Your Entire Divi Website From Within The Builder
Creating Multiple Targeted Contact Forms on Hover in One Design with Divi
Divi Child Themes for Lifestyle Websites
Creating Pop Out Service Descriptions on Hover with Divi
How to Create an Eye-Catching CTA in Divi with a Few Simple Hover Effects
How to Create Beautiful Footer Scroll Reveals Below Divi’s Section Dividers
9 Non-Profit Child Themes for Divi
How to Create Overlapping Columns with Divi’s Column & Transform Options
Creating Custom Column Side-Navigation for One-Pagers with Divi
How to Use Divi’s Text and List Style Options for Unique Toggle and Accordion Content Designs
Turning Columns Into Pricing Plans with Divi
How to Turn Layout Pack Styles into Global Defaults with Divi

Since we are an all stages group, all experience, some experience or no experience are welcome. We will introduce ourselves and then talk about the latest Divi Updates. We then open it up for anyone who has any questions. We hope to see you soon at an upcoming Divi event!

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