Here are the latest Blog Posts by Elegant Themes Related to Divi for the Month of March 2019. We will be talking about these blogs as well as an other updates related to the Divi Theme at out next meetup in April! Bring your laptops as we are a hands on group and want to try out any new tricks or updates that we can within Divi. 

We know the articles are all posted on the Elegant Themes blog… but we thought we would simplify your life and have them broken down into bite sized pieces for easy digestion. If you would like this condensed version of Divi Related material sent to you in an e-mail , please join our e-mail list. Emails go out in the beginning of the month. 


Here are March’s topics! 

How to Create an Animated Mobile Split-Content Hero Section with Divi

How to Create Locked Content Corner Popups with Divi

How to Rotate Text for Unique Layout Designs in Divi (Tutorial + FREE Layout Download)

How to Make Your Headline Pop with Divi’s Animation Settings

How to Style and Position Images in Abstract Places in Divi

Using Divi’s Transform Controls to Create Unique Blurb Module Layouts

How to Beautifully Stack Portfolio Items with Divi’s Transform Options

How to Style Blurb Icons as Design Accents for Content in Divi

How to Style Blurb Icons as Design Accents for Content in Divi

Featuring Your Latest Blog Posts in a Stunning Mobile Design with Divi

How to Apply Alternative Text Underlining Styles in Divi

How to Add Ken Burns Hover Effects to Images, Modules and Rows in Divi

How to Create Beautiful Mobile Social Follow Bios with Divi (Free Download!)

A Handy Guide on How to Style Pagination in Divi

How to Create WooCommerce Lucky Wheel Optin Forms with Divi

How to Create Knockout Text Images for Stunning Divi Headers

The Amazing New Divi Transformation Controls!

How to Create an Entirely Horizontal Swipe Page with Divi

How to Embed Divi Galleries into Toggles to Create a Custom Restaurant Menu

How to Create a Responsive Icon Navigation Homepage with Divi

Introducing The Divi Support Center! Including Safe Mode, System Status And Remote Access

Creating Endless Horizontal Swipe Cards for Mobile with Divi

How to Create Mobile Walkthroughs with Divi’s Slider Module (Free Download!)

How to Create a Fullwidth Image Gallery with the Divi Gallery Module

Divi Plugin Highlight: Easy Slide-Ins

How to Export a Divi Page Layout that Has Custom Code

Since we are an all stages group, all experience, some experience or no experience are welcome. We will introduce ourselves and then talk about the latest Divi Updates. We then open it up for anyone who has any questions. We hope to see you soon at an upcoming Divi event!

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