Tracy Champagne

I’m pretty handy in most things digital.

My main love is creating beautiful, user-friendly websites with Divi, an amazing WordPress theme. Already working with Elegant Themes, I jumped onto their Divi bandwagon on day one and have never looked back.

The road to Divi and my business, Spyder Website Design, really started in the trenches: learning Dreamweaver HTML. But, since I can’t just do one thing, I ventured off into other digital arenas such as slideshow design, video editing and Photoshop. After all, how do you include everything you want to put on a website without knowing how to create it?

Once I recognized, as a small business owner, all of the social media opportunities that exist (with my site as the hub), my skill set expanded to include social media marketing.

Small Business Milwaukee (Smallbizmke) is the resource I created for small business owners to teach them how to effectively use social media in their organizations. I provide networking events, speakers and one-on-one training services through and it’s meet-up group.

Currently, my efforts are focused on Divi updates (which are so cool, by the way), leaning the complexities of SEO and how to use it efficiently, and keeping up with all the changes in social media. When I’m not designing or marketing, I spend time with my family. I’m a lover of upnorth Wisconsin, fitness, music, good food and friends. Born in Wisconsin, I’m not a fan of winter, or cheese, but really like the people.















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