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A theme is only as good as the support it provides. “Intuitive,” “simple,” “user-friendly” and “accessible” mean and do nothing if theme problems, big or small, can’t be handled immediately. Who can afford to wait one hour, much less a day, to receive a cryptic e-mail from a developer who incorrectly assumes one already knows steps 1, 2 and 3 of the 5-step process she’s recommending? Furthermore, the less frustration one experiences when first creating a Divi site, the better. With the theme working for the designer and not the other way around, the build flows better, learning is a pleasure and all is right with the world. Excellent support from the beginning sets the tone for all other work with Divi. Here are several ways to get advice and trouble-shooting tips directly from Elegant Themes

  1. Divi provides excellent customer support with their regular e-mail updates, documentation and tutorials. Start here to see what we mean (Note: their tutorials run fast, so be prepared to watch several times.): • https://www.elegantthemes.com/gallery/divi/


  1. Divi does a pretty good job with their Technical Support Team. Frequently, great advice is provided by fellow users through the Divi Support Forum. Both the team and the forum are available for paying customers only. Here’s where you’d start to submit an e-mail message or open a ticket: https://www.elegantthemes.com/contact/   


DIVI Society as a Resource  


Divi provides no phone support; tech support is unavailable on weekends and holidays. To cover these gaps, Divi Society in Milwaukee plans to build a loose network of local Divi users to meet, interact and connect by phone and in person to help each other when Divi can’t. We love Divi and we just want to make it easier for more people to use it   MORE LINKS COMING AS DIVI SOCIETY GROWS Tracy and Kim January 2018 Upcoming Events 




Additional Divi Theme Resources 


divi theme resources Dan’s Divi Booster Website offers plugins, tips, resources and all things DIVI. Plugins including; Divi Booster DIVI Breadcrumbs Module DIVI Code Snippet Module DIVI learn Dash Kit DIVI Module Mate Ultimate DIVI Bundle. 


DIVI Nation WordPress Camp

Divi Nation meetups at WordCamps around the world are now

formally being planned to begin a tradition of community

and gathering among Divi enthusiasts.

Mark Hendriksen lives in the Netherlands and designs DIVI Child Themes. Mark also has a blog with many tips and tutorials to help you with your DIVI projects. Free DIVI Layouts DIVI Tutorials  DIVI Marketplace

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