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Welcome to our community of Metropolitan Milwaukee Divi for WordPress users. Consider us a supplement to all of the documentation, support tickets and videos that Elegant Themes provides for Divi.

The best thing about our Divi Society forum is that it’s local. We have the ability to meet one-on-one or in groups to learn a new Divi feature, get a problem solved or brainstorm on a new website. With Divi Society, we’re all about personal interaction.

If you’d like, introduce yourself by way of the Welcome box. Then, if a Divi issue has you stumped, click on the Ask Question box. We can’t promise to always have the answer, but we can promise to always give you our best effort.

Since we’re brand new as of 2018, we don’t yet have content to allow a search. We’re sure that’ll change.

Join us at our next meetup, subscribe to our newsletter, send us an e-mail—in other words, connect with Divi Society. We’re eager to hear from you and are excited to help you grow, right along with us, your Divi skills and expertise.

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