Divi Nation Meetup #3

We’ve got 2 years’ worth of meetup ideas (delivered directly to us from Elegant Themes); an Event Organizer Handbook (again, right from Elegant Themes); a Divi Society website, along with Facebook and LinkedIn pages; mission statement established; new meetup site confirmed; and possible speaker being arranged. Now we start on the last, but most important, piece: getting you to register for our third meetup.

Newbies, masters and all of those in-between (which one are you?) are invited to Divi Society’s June Meetup. The group is growing as we all share our Divi enthusiasm and expertise. Please join us for the learning experience and the networking.

Our Divi nation meetup experience will be different on June 5. The same networking and learning opportunities will remain the same, but instead of a roundtable discussion, we’ll have a speaker. Jeremy Heintz of Market Patch LLC has an 8-point presentation for us. Some of those points are: an overview of the Divi Theme and Divi Builder; how to download and install Divi; and adding a child theme.

This is not a self-promotional or direct marketing pitch. (As an official Divi Nation Meetup, we’re not allowed to host such an event.) What it will be is an opportunity to learn more about Divi from an experienced and knowledgeable professional.

As always, Divi newbies, masters and everyone in between are invited to join us. We’re all about having fun while developing our Divi skills.


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