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Breaking News (Seriously. It’s good stuff!)

We’ve been waiting such a long time for this. E-mails, forum comments, chat room discussions, even a phone call or two—we’ve tried them all with Elegant Themes. Our hope? That we could establish a strong connection with the web design company to better support not just our individual use of Divi, but for our Milwaukee Meetup members, as well. Everything fell on deaf ears. Or so we thought.


Imagine our delight when we recently saw this subject line in our mailbox:


Here’s one key paragraph from that announcement:

 “What to Expect Moving Forward

  • Ongoing updates on the growth and engagement of our new global network of local Meetup groups.
  • New resources for local Meetup organizers.
  • A lot more local meetup events (hopefully) near you!”


Exactly what we’ve been asking for, plus they sweetened the pot with this apology:

“For some of you this has been a long time coming…It’s definitely unfortunate that until now our lack of experience with Meetup resulted in some confusion and false starts. We learn new things all the time too!”

You know what this means, right? Our Milwaukee Divi Society Meetup is only going to get better. Get excited, read the article for yourself, then let us know what you think on Divi Society’s Forum page.

BTW, in the past we’ve asked for Divi swag. We’re pretty sure that’ll be coming, too.

~ Tracy and Kim

Next Milwaukee Divi Meetup

Tuesday, April 10; 6-7:30 pm

The Brass Key Restaurant & Lounge

You’re coming, right? Register here.

Divi Society | (414) 403-7288 or (262) 853-7998 || Website



Consider Yourself Part of the Divi Family

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